Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nothing Says Vintage... [tutorial contest}

Like pearls and lace.
So remember that time I entered a tutorial contest over here? 
Agape Love Tutorial Contest

And remember how I was all, "It was really hard to pick one to do?"
Well... it was. And I'm real indecisive. So I did two.

I have a whole ton of vintage lace that my wonderful aunt gave me. I've been dying to use it, but haven't been sure what to do with it. And, since it's kinda irreplaceable, it's not something that I just want to cut up and see what happens (which is more or less the story of my crafting career). I was so EXCITED to find this necklace!!
This was a super quick little project and a great tutorial. I finished in about 30 minutes (true story). 

 (Don't you just love how Myspace-ish this picture is??? Also, its still February, and I'm wearing short sleeves. Can we talk about ridiculous Texas weather for a second?)
I changed mine up just slightly. I used a longer chain (because my lace was giant), added extra pearls in between (again, because my lace was giant), and added a little crocheted flower (because I have them randomly strewn across my craft room).

(Also, my photo-prop book happens to be City of Bones, which is my newest obsession and I HIGHLY suggest you read. Now.)

I really love the way it turned out. 

(Vintage mirror, vintage lace... I may have a problem...)

What do you think??

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